Aiken Assist Library

The Aiken Assist Library is a collection of specialized Aiken functions designed for smart contracts on Cardano. This library extends the default functionality and provides routines that facilitate quick development.

Getting Started

To start using the library, follow these steps:

  1. Import the library with the command:
aiken packages add logicalmechanism/assist --version v0.4.10
  1. Compile your project by running the command aiken check in your project directory. If a complete recheck is required then run the command:
rm -fr build || true
aiken check


To use the Aiken Assist Library in your project, import the desired submodules into your .ak file. For example:

use assist/signing
use assist/count

Assist modules can be found in the documentation.


You can generate the library’s documentation locally by running the command aiken docs in your project directory. Alternatively, you can view the online documentation for detailed information on the library’s functions and usage.


Want to contribute? See to know how.


For any questions or feedback, please contact the project maintainer at [email protected].


The Aiken Assist Library is released under the Apache2 License. See the LICENSE file for more details.

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